Demo 2009

by HAW

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Recorded at XLR Studio, Hatvan, Hungary in 2009.


released December 10, 2009


all rights reserved



HAW Hungary

Met. Formed. Play. Have fun.

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Track Name: One More Man Gone
As far as one can go
On this road we gotta go along
One by one and day by day
Every loss yes gains our faith

Sister crow it's time
With your wings darken the the sun
Brother crow with your cry tear up the sky

The sun may not blind those weary eyes
Let them rest and see peace till the day he rises

How O How many more
Can these dirty hands hide the face
Of our anger and vicious pain O Lord
We hate so much that we love you all

And sister crow It's time
With your wings darken the sun
Brother crow with your cry tear up the sky

One more man gone
In darken noon we forgive thy
Will got done and for all
Our failures you took your
sons' lifes again and time to time
Strong is your love for your kind

So far we go
As one can go
But how many times
Can one man die
Track Name: All Good All Fine
All you're forced to feel
All those facts are truly lies
Mortar beetween them bricks
Them braces of our lifes

I can hear them bricks and walls
And the fear amongst them cries
The tune tortures my ears
Oh great tune of earthly trials

Streetlights in tired eyes breathin' gasoline
I'm bound to this town but my heart is over the hills

O Lord my heart gone old
Nothing O nothing I'd love to fight
Only the things I've done
Remain and what justified
Them all gone
Them O Lord all gone
Only our sins remain and them all gone

Streetlights in blinded eyes now leavin all behind
I know I'm bound to this town I'm leavin it all behind

All good all fine
Up against the flow I walk
This old river I know well
Up to North it leads me home
All good all fine
Up against the flow I walk
This old river will baptize me
This the wash my sins go down
Track Name: The Free Ride of the Workhorse
This Burden O
Opens the skin and cuts the flesh to the bone
These old bones
Won't heal, even pride can't heal them and save your soul
And them chains of self-denial
Keeps your focus on the soil
The soil you plow
Is gonna plow you under to be your home

How many more miles you need to see
HAW! Ride again! Ride Free!
Your fetters are down and your blinder's off
HAW! Ride again! Ride Free!

Brother O
Resolution, faith were your own, so long gone
We all know
It's only hope makes you walk along
Walk slow
But straight and so firm to the beat
Of the whip
You hold since you blindly inherited it
Track Name: Between Two Wars
Come on in our house rest in its garden
No prayers you'll hear and our songs you know well
These mountaints been waiting they saw your death
On our path you've came here and it's far not the end

Rest now boy
Alone you came
Together we roam on

So come sinner come lay now your good blade
Killed and can't pass fallen but don't fade
Alone and forsaken you feel but you are not
Children of the Lord in our sins we are one

Rest now boy
Alone you came
Together we roam on

Till time arrives here
We serve what we borrow
We serve what we fought for
Ain't this peace like what you feared
It's all we have boy
Between two wars

We’re right see we’re right
There ain’t heaven not for our kind
We’re gods swords we’re gods swords
Glinted the sun created to strike
There ain’t heaven no end
Forever we die and never we’re dead

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