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Soundtrack of Our Friendship

by HAW

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Sticks 01:13
We all have seen this end Long time acoming forming seas to sand Presistence to an end Purity to demand Hands and feet driven by faith misslead No more circles The round becomes straight We breathe this out Even if it’s love we inhale it’s dead we breath out Beasts to belowed pets while we hate our own Feeding our fear and what we fear of Where we are heading is not where we are from Where we are heading is not where we are from Im so glad pals to share this ride We aint getting far but we’re getting high I have seen things through your eyes You have seen things through mine Our blood runs by the same beat the same heart The soundtrack of our life and our love I'm so glad pals We're getting high
My Name 03:23
And he sees me standing under heavy sun And he sees me standing in unearthly thunder And he knows who stands still against floods I am the one (therefore) he gives me strength till a sign to stand on And I have seen you leaving already a hundred times O the wreckage in the wind the memories you left behind Scratches my skin see my blood is yours as yours were mine As it’s said yes we are all evil and about to lie Mark your name Actions mark your name What I create from the loss N how I treat what I create is my name (and so it is yours) If I wait here only to die Watching these fields I will gladly pass by But before I’ll meet them when they finally arrive All them beasts will go down on their knees Ro rest for a while and continue their feast They follow you And hunt you down Alone I wait
It was high time to fail but it's all right The chance was given from up high For the truth we came this far Nothing never for real in this life Wear the halters like jewels all right N the dust we shake is glitter all right So shake it high n let them shine bright One time for real we are alive All we know we never learnt (We) just got used to living on this side HAW Black horse high The heart from flesh we divide One day we go out so far we’ll come back no more Return no more So go slow Slower than time Go slow
Glass 01:17
All once was mine gone with the wind Crushed into dust flew though falling leaves It's me it's me torn but so alive Still don't see? Them crows two in the sky three on ground one for wrath and one for pride We should end as a child just in time On the peak of our knowledge humble and wise It's us it's us so dumb and blind We don't see... them crows two in the trees three in the sky one for envy and that one is pride Roam on Roam along Your time left is now on Don't enter we're all dead
Word has it all these miles we walked till now are lies Unlived past and self cut scars all the laws were highs See these tracks we are leaving deep in ground Filled with sticks and glass strict marks to lead and guide No need to rush now So see the legs are old and wounded up to the knees The tracks so deepened need heavy steps where they lead But no need to rush now boy hear what's blown by the wind Our lies are the music is the dust we shake if you please No need to rush now Word has it all these miles we walked till now are lies The truth you fear our faith our love is so in sight If you choose this path the way becomes you boy right Reason to live to die to be far and homeward bound No need to rush now We walk on these sticks and glass Blessed are our weakened legs Blessed are our scared hearts You got to walk on this sacred road To see where we belong Where we come from What we call home
Chains 00:55
I've found so hard To carry my heavy load Thirthysome years of rambling Show me the way out my lord
It’s been unfold They want to see at least one down Those who never fought Want to see me fight and fall But before all is done question your rules led you here it ain’t the landing but the fall I’ve finally found The battle of my life With all my pegs brought down Enlightenment ain’t that hard It won’t completely disappear But will be a little harder to see That you are your one and only enemy Now you see how easy this war is to win Your sticks your stones can take me down Your rules your lies can take me down Your sticks your stones can take me down It ain't the first time I fall This is the way I The way I land before I fly Breaking legs breaking spine Have you seen how I walk? Watch me fall watch me rise The way I fall


Recorded at Standing Waves Studio, Egerszalók, Hungary in 2013.


released February 1, 2014


all rights reserved



HAW Hungary

Met. Formed. Play. Have fun.

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